Staying Healthy
Make sure your diet consists of at least 50% of alkaline forming foods which are all vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, almonds, brazil nuts and sprouted seeds.
Let the rest of your diet consist of acid forming foods such as chicken, fish, cheese, eggs, grains, pulses and nuts.
Involve raw food in your diet.
Use oils in salads (and include oily fish in your diet).
Drink at least half a pint of water a day between meals, (Dilute fruit juice with water.)
Try and keep intake of tea and coffee to a minimum.

Introduce a 'box of many colours'.

Beetroot and carrots
Citrus fruit and green peppers
Eggs (not fried)
Dandelion coffee
Herb teas
Bananas and apples
Tropical fruits
Almonds and brazil nuts
Fish (oily) and chicken
Sesame and sunflower seeds
Nuts lentils and beans
Onions and garlic
Spring water and fruit juice

Sugar and honey
Salt and salted foods
Preservatives and additives
All milk products
Beef, pork and lamb
Yeast-containing foods
Refined foods
Wheat products
Added wheat bran

The above is a general guide to staying on top of your nutritional needs, however:

Individual Nutritional profiles
Your nutritional recommendations are uniquely yours, individually prepared for you in order that you have what is required for you to attain optimum health and performance in all aspects of your life.  Whether you choose to follow what is recommended for you or not, is your responsibility, no-one is going to chase you!

Yes, it takes effort to change patterns of exercise, or lack of it.
Making time for sport on a regular basis and even a brisk 20 minute walk daily will make a difference to your stress levels.  The secret is to make a start, and then to keep going.

Putting a mental strategy in place is a vital part of the plan towards a happier, more productive you.  There are only so many hours in a day so here are some suggestions.

Accept that you can only work productively for a certain period of time and, if demand exceeds time provision something has to go by choice, rather than allowing it to happen by natural selection.

Prioritise your work, whether it is inside or outside of your home, or you will finally end up doing nothing in keeping with the standards that you or your Boss would wish.

Being honest with yourself and able to say NO if possible to what you know you are unable to take on and achieve to your satisfaction.  In the work place you may feel unable to say this, in which case prioritisation of work is the first step and stress management is the second.  If possible, delegate or ask for assistance.

Learn to recognise what is someone else's responsibility and refuse to take it on board.

Make the most of breaks such as lunchtime and get away from your desk or work area in order to eat your lunch.  A complete change of space, (in the fresh air when possible), makes all the difference, allowing you to return more refreshed to the task, or tasks in hand.

Keep work and play separate.  A clear distinction between work and play time will help you to relax and make the most of time for yourself when not on duty.  It will also leave you more refreshed when returning to work, in whatever capacity.

Do something frivolous, do nothing except watch the clouds go by, find something which excites you and reminds you that you are alive.  Have some fun!!

Whether you believe it or not, work is a means of providing you with the basics of what you want in life in terms of food, warmth and shelter.  If your work is also your play, then all well and good, but if it isn't, accept that you have earned a complete break and enjoy it to the full.

Focus on what is in front of you whether work or play, that way you will get the best out of both.  Thinking about what you haven't done, should do, forgot to do, have to do, will not help you with the efficiency of what you have chosen to do at that moment in time.  It can also lead to accidents.

When things are getting on top of you it is worth confiding in a partner or trusted friend.  It is surprising how supportive people can be, and you will realise that you are not on your own.  If problems are overwhelming seek qualified professional help.

Finally, accept the fact that you are human and be gentle with yourself!

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