What can we offer you?
Our service enhances motivation and performance within the work place by:
Encouraging greater flexibility of mind and body.
Stimulating greater creativity and output.
Promoting more efficient functioning of the mind and body, resulting in clearer thinking.
Providing easier absorption of vital nutrients.
Increasing sustained energy input.
Increasing vitality.
Supporting emotional health through centering and balancing.

Healthy Mind
Healthy Body
Business Excellence

How we operate
For you, the company, we provide a service which enhances the motivation, performance and output of yourself, your staff and your workers within the workplace.

Our high quality care in terms of Shiatsu body work encourages flexibility and stimulation of mind and body, with treatment carried out at convenient times during the working day whilst providing on-the-spot personal attention.

Our nutritional expertise enables us to recommend the best choice of nutrition for each individual, so as to encourage easier absorption of the vital nutrients required to produce energy.
Fit and healthy people deliver exceptional business results.

Session Information
Sessions are held in private within your workplace and take between 30 and 45 minutes. Clients remain fully clothed.  For the longer session loose clothing is especially recommended.  Treatments are carried out either on a futon on the floor, or seated in a chair.

All Energy Masters are fully qualified practitioners and have full indemnity insurance.

Energy Masters
The Old House, Cameron Farm, Alexandria. G83 8QZ
Telephone: 01389 751502 Mobile: 07798 892198