Optimising health and performance in the
work place
Working in partnership with business

Attaining excellence, and staying ahead of any business requires clarity of vision and boundless energy. A mind/body which can be relied upon to perform at its best, even when under pressure.
The strain of constantly working at peak performance takes its toll on the energy reserves of the body, using up vital nutrients. Occupational hazards include back and neck problems which if not attended to promptly, may eventually become costly in terms of lost working hours. And this means time, money and lot opportunities for any company.

Enhancing your energy potential through specialised body work and a personal nutrition programme will assist in keeping you ahead of the game, encouraging and supporting high performance in the work place and striking the personal balance required for a healthy happy and successful life.

Energy Masters are highly trained and certificated in Shiatsu and Clinical Nutrition, two extremely effective health promoting systems which work well in combination.
Practitioners are handpicked for their expertise in these disciplines to provide you with a service second to none. By taking care of your well-being we are ultimately optimising the potential of your business.

Energy Masters
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